18 Tumblr Posts About Dogs That Will Instantly Cheer You Up! (Part 1)

The one thing, apart from your dog, you need right now is a distraction from all the negativity surrounding the world, right?

Dogs never seem to not surprise us! They’re always setting examples, exceeding expectations, testing our patience… the joys of being dog lovers! Here are some incredible Tumblr posts about dogs that will instantly cheer you up!

1. This makes so much sense!


2. Dogs have that charm!

3. Umm… Shrek?

4. YES! This is all of us! Maybe we’re becoming dogs too!


5. Dogs are always ready to party!

6. This dog who destroyed the entire house, but left the bed…


7. The dog who loves Harry Potter just like we do!

8. Awww!! A dog’s tail is cure to everything!


Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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