20 Dogs Who've Mastered The Art Of Selfies! (Part 1)

Can dogs master the art of capturing perfect selfies? The question should be, “what can’t dogs master?” That’s more appropriate.

Dogs are learning new things every day and we might not have realized it, but if you leave your dog with your phone, they know how to capture the perfect selfies! At least these dogs have. Check out some of these dogs who have mastered the art of clicking perfect selfies!

1. I’m out for a walk y’all. *click*

2. Ohh. Duck-face challenge accepted! *click*

3. Say TREAT! *click*

4. People need to see what I look like when I sleep… #fakesleeping *click*

5. My family and me! But mostly me. *click*

6. I’m such a good boy. I workout. Here’s my post-workout bod *click*

7. With my bestie Nature! *click*

8. My super serious look. *click*

9. With my bestie! *click*

10. Basking in the glory of Nature! *click*

Does your dog click selfies too? Share them with us in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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