200 Pups Find Loving Homes At County Shelter Adoption Event

200 Pups Find Loving Homes At County Shelter Adoption Event

From time to time, human empathy prevails and in such cases, things like this happen: in Phoenix at least 200 pets find loving homes at County shelter adoption event.

The shelter was open for 8 working hours a day, offering free adoptions. People, lovers of animals came in such high numbers the people who arrived late had to go home and come back the next day as the shelter was past overdue its working time and had to close for the day.

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That happened multiple times within the duration of the event. Many animals found new homes and now they’ll never have to worry about spending another night in a shelter wondering if they’ll ever go home! The idea that goodness still prevails at times such as the amount of adoptions at this event make me feel like there is still good in this world and that the future is bright.

Compassion is what draws us together, and love towards a pet who is relying on you as a parent to provide for it is one of the strongest bonds a person can make with another living being. It’s a relationship of mutual unconditional love, people! Share away, people!

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