21 Rescue Dogs are gifted with A Grand Snow Maze

21 Rescue Dogs are gifted with A Grand Snow Maze

Chris and Mariesa Hughes are loving parents to 21 rescue dogs aged between 18 weeks and 21 years. The family has been growing as a result of the parent’s passionate efforts to rescue dogs that are in trouble.

To date, they have succeeded in rescuing 500 senior dogs which is a remarkable achievement.

As it is to be expected, life is never boring in the Hughes household. The children are lively, and they display unique characteristics. They are in turn crazy, loving, loyal, and mischievous and within the family, groupings have formed. As in any other family, like-minded children bond and hang out together.

These doting parents were faced with a challenge, however. An exceptionally heavy snowfall meant that they were snowed in. According to Hughes:

‘’When we woke up I was absolutely shocked… I have lived my entire life in cities that get a lot of snow, but I have never seen this much in such a short period of time…”

Yet it was necessary for the team to get out, let off steam, and do their business.

Hughes decided to dig an exit through the snow, and as he proceeded it occurred to him that a more fun way to proceed was to create a maze.

To the dog’s delight, he dug one throughout the compound. The dogs are thrilled at this new game that enables them to run around and explore.

However, this father is not yet through with spoiling his precious charges. He intends to hide toys in the banks, expand the maze to add interest, he will incorporate some tunnels!

This is evidence indeed that these parents love and care for their family.

Images & Feature Image Source: Chris Hughes

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