24 Dogs Who Don't Know The Meaning Of Personal Space! (Part 1)

24 Dogs Who Don't Know The Meaning Of Personal Space! (Part 1)

As dog parents, we have said goodbye to our personal space a long time ago! Dogs have a habit of getting into your personal space so much that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually enjoy some “me” time! Here are a few dogs who’re here to barge into your personal space and if you have a dog, I’m sure you’re going to recognize most (if not all) of these faces!

1. Hi, human! What you doing? Something I should know about? Tell me! Please tell me!

2. Um… what you eating? Can I have it? Please? I will like it, I’m sure.

3. Wait up, don’t leave me in here. I’m coming with you. Let me just squeeze through and we’re Gucci.

4. Oh wow. Food. You’re gonna finish all of it? Popcorn isn’t it? It’s safe for dogs, I know. So, you gonna finish it?

5. I heard sounds so I came. Do you need me for anything? Anything at all? Just tell me. I’m going to stand right here and stare at you. Don’t you worry. You’re not alone.

6. Oh hey there, neighbor. What you doing? I thought I saw you eating something… can I have some too? What is it? It smells good.

7. I can smell food on you! Can you give me some of your tasty food? I love food!

8. Oh good morning. Please go back to sleep. I’ve been watching you for hours now. Sweet dreams, human! Also, it’s almost food time. No rush.

How many of these faces do you recognize? Let us know in the comments, but we’re not done!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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