3 Dogs Get Sick And 1 Dies 15 Minutes After Consuming This Canned Dog Food

3 Dogs Get Sick And 1 Dies 15 Minutes After Consuming This Canned Dog Food

A woman from Washougal, Washington has had three of her pups become ill and one of her pups pass away last weekend, and she claims that it happened as a result of canned dog food.

This pup Mommy’s name is Nikki Mael, and she fed all four of her pups Evanger’s Hunk of Beef wet food on New Year’s Eve. Fifteen minutes later, her pups started behaving strangely and quickly brought them to an animal hospital. They were falling over and became entirely limp and unmoving by the time they arrived at the vet.

The pups who ate the most were the most seriously affected, with one passing away and the other continuing to suffer from seizures until now. The remaining two seem to have recovered, but it is unclear whether there is any long-term effect.

Meanwhile, Evanger’s are launching an investigation into the incident, and donated the full fundraising goal that Mael set up on her page with the following message:

“We at Evanger’s are deeply horrified about this. We take the safety and quality of our products as top priority. We need to investigate and act upon this issue immediately and would require the LOT code found on the bottom of the can. Please email or get in contact with us. We also feed our own dog, Lilly, this food.”

The company says that the can of food Mael used was made in June and purchased online, but no recall has been issued. Their representative has also informed local stores that carry the product to readily accept any returns from customers with no questions asked. So if you feed your pup this brand of food regularly, please be careful! Do share so other pup parents can be informed.

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