4 Guys Get A Letter From The Dog They Begged To Play With!

Human interactions with animals go back many centuries, particularly with dogs. Even in ancient scripts, we see depictions of man’s best friend.

In today’s world, he can be anything and everything- a working dog that herds sheep, a proud guard dog that instills fear into the hearts of would-be intruders with his deep, protective bark as he protects his sleeping family or a playmate for a child that delights with his boundless energy. The list is inexhaustible.

Many of us have been lucky enough to be raised in the country or at least in a place where one is able to have dogs. Our lives have been enriched by the interaction with our furry pals, some of us even having obtained a dog as a puppy and grown up with him. The enduring bonds that are formed can never be forgotten as can be witnessed by many elderly people who still remember their childhood dogs fondly.

But unfortunately, not everybody has the opportunity of having a four-legged best friend in the house. This was the case for a house of four engineers in the United Kingdom, who rented a small place and were not permitted to keep a dog. But where there is a will there is a way! The four reached out to a neighbour who has a dog, Stevie Ticks and asked if they could please take him for walks. They received a letter back from Stevie Ticks saying he would be delighted to hang out with them.

Knowing the struggle of pet-friendly rentals, Stevie fulfilled a part of the four engineer’s lives they would not have been able to gain themselves.

They have had two playdates already and continue to be important to the neighbors.

Sharing memories and bringing joy into the lives of others, Stevie is indeed an example of a man’s best friend!

Images & Feature Image Source: Instagram (Stevie Ticks) | Twitter (Jack McCrossan)

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