4 Reasons Why Dogs Love Squeaky Toys

4 Reasons Why Dogs Love Squeaky Toys

Have you noticed that your dog prefers playing with squeaky toys more than other toys? It may interest you to know that there are several reasons behind this behavior. In this article, we’ll discuss the four most common reasons why dogs love squeaky toys.

Triggers Their Inner Wolf

Our canine companions may be sweet and harmless, but they have an innate desire to hunt for prey. That is something they picked up from their wolf ancestors. Squeaky toys mimic the cry of helpless prey and can trigger a dog’s inner wolf.

Offers Instant Reward

Your dog may prefer squeaky toys more than other toys because the auditory feedback is an instant reward. When a dog bites a squeaky toy, and the toy makes noise, the dog is assured that they are biting effectively.

Gets Your Attention

Most dogs often take note of the behaviors that capture their parents’ attention. If your dog notices that they can get your attention with their squeaky toys, they will choose it over others because your attention means the world to them.


There may be a deeper reason why dogs love squeaky toys, but one thing is certain: it offers them a great deal of fun. You may even notice that your dog loses interest in a squeaky toy once the sound is gone. That shows you that what they find pleasurable in the toy is the noise and nothing else.

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