4 Tips to Help Your Dog If They Can’t Poop

4 Tips to Help Your Dog If They Can’t Poop

Did you notice that your dog hasn’t gone for the number 2 in a while? That’s a course for concern. It may mean that your dog is constipated which is very uncomfortable.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to ease your dog up and make them relieve themselves. But first, you’ll need to make sure that the delayed bowel movement is not a symptom of something serious. Which is why we recommend that you talk to your vet first. If he clears the dog then you are free to try the steps below:

Find a quiet place that your dog can use to potty

Just like humans, dogs can be shy about going for the number 2 while other activities are going on around them. Find a spot with minimum distraction and encourage your dog to relieve themselves. You can even train them so that it becomes their potty spot.

Tummy massage

Give your dog gentle rubs around their abdomen area. We recommend soft clockwise motions. This might help your dog relax and consequently allow them to poop.

Speak to them

You need to come up with a command you can use to let your dog know it’s time to poop. It could be something like ‘time to poop’. Keep it simple but effective.

Engage them in an activity

You know how during housetraining dog parents are advised to take their dogs out or to a fresh pup pad immediately after playing. This is because the activity encourages your dog’s bowel movement. So as a tip, if your dog is having problems pooping, try taking them for a run, play fetch with them, or anything equally engaging. It could be the remedy they need.

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