4 Ways You Can Take Your Dog Trick Or Treat With You

4 Ways You Can Take Your Dog Trick Or Treat With You

Trick-or-treating is a big part of Halloween. It’s hard to imagine this spooky holiday without the door-to-door candy hunt, and if you have pups, you may be tempted to bring them along on this fun night.

It’s a family event, after all! But it’s important to keep your pup’s happy and safe during the process. Here’s how!

1. Look out for treats!

Pups won’t be able to have any of the traditional chocolate or sugary candies that kids get, so remind your children or those who are with you not to feed your fur balls any of their stash, even if your pup starts begging! Bring along your own pup treats to include your fur ball in the fun; some houses might even have some ready for you!

2. Be well equipped

Don’t leave home for the night without a water bottle, some toys, and a few snacks for your pup. It’s a long walk that needs to be embarked on, so your pup is going to need the energy, and sometimes a little distraction!

3. Be ready to escape

Pups don’t necessarily have the longest attention span! After visiting a good deal of houses, a pup may lose interest, become tired, or simply want to go home. If you’re with your own children or are accompanying a group of them, it can be helpful to set up a checkpoint during the night where you can stop and take the fur ball home.

4. Dress up a little!

If your pup likes being in costumes, take advantage of that and dress him up to match the holiday! You can also make your fur ball become accustomed to a costume by slow exposure beforehand. Don’t force it, though – that can be too stressful for a pup.

Now you’re ready to bring your fur ball along for a nice long trick-or-treating fest. Don’t forget to like and share, and have a spooky Halloween!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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