4th Graders Start A Rescue Shelter And Save 15,000 Dogs!

In a modern world swamped with social media competition, instant gratification, and constant strides to appear better than the other, it is always refreshing to read about youth taking the initiative to be selfless and contribute to the greater good.

A group of elementary school children in Texas has proven to all of us that working towards the greater good is always worth the struggles you encounter along the way. When teacher Diane Trull and her volunteer students came up with the idea to start a dog shelter, they were met with many obstacles ahead of them.

They had no support from local politicians and were faced with grueling weather conditions in their local town. Cattle farmers did not want to help their cause, as they saw no value in saving dogs. In spite of all the odds stacked against them, Diane kept her volunteers focused and taught them the skill of hard work and pure determination.

Eventually reaching success, Diane and her volunteer group established the dog shelter called DAWGS. It is not fifteen years later, and the DAWGS shelter is still going strong. The shelter has saved hundreds of lives each year, but it has also impacted the lives of many youngsters to this day.

Children who volunteered at the shelter have gained irreplaceable life skills such as improving their self-esteem, learning to care for another life, developing compassion, and learning what real commitment is. Many of these scholars have gone on to get degrees and stable jobs.

This is a classic case of hard work and perseverance that has paid off for the rest of people’s lives!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: dawgsntexas

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