4th Of July Marks The Day When Most Dogs Run Away (Part 2)

The 4th of July is celebrated all around the United States, and for a good reason too. After all, it’s Independence Day and should be celebrated, but unfortunately, the way we celebrate it causes immeasurable stress on our dogs.

The fireworks, the crackers, the chaos all make our dogs extremely anxious and so, to save themselves, they literally run for their lives.

Naturally, on the 5th of July, many shelters are busy catering to a large number of lost dogs. And while shelters are jam-packed, parents are busy searching for the loved members of their families. So the best thing to do is keep them safe in the first place. Here are some ways to keep your dogs safe on the 4th of July. Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it.

1. Up-to-date IDs

Your dog’s tag should have your phone number clearly visible, and that phone number should be in working condition. I cannot tell you how irritating it is when you try calling someone from the number of the dog’s tag, and the phone just keeps ringing but no one ever answers it. Please make sure it’s a number someone will answer to. Your dog’s name, your phone number, and, if you can, add your address to your dog’s collar. This way, if they’re found, volunteers know what to do next.

2. Right collar

I’ve done some rescuing in the past, and I know this is a real problem. What happens is that some dogs have loose collars that they can slip out of if they twist or pull against their leash. To make sure your dog’s collar fits perfectly, make sure it’s not too tight, but tight enough that you can slip two fingers snugly between the collar and your dog’s neck.

3. Microchip your dog

This is absolutely the best way to prevent your dog from getting lost and to help volunteers return them back home! Your dogs might slip out of their leashes and collars, but not the microchip. Please speak to your vet to see how and when you can microchip your dog.

How do you keep your dogs safe on the 4th of July? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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