5 More Common Dog Myths, Debunked!

5 More Common Dog Myths, Debunked!

Today what’s normal and what isn’t when it comes to dog behavior is becoming more and more transparent. The internet provides dog parents with a variety of information regarding dog behavior that we feel it’s best to, yet again, debunk some common dog myths!

1. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks

Not true at all! In fact, an old dog can be just as successful at learning new tricks as a puppy! If your dog is mentally and physically capable of learning new tricks and is offered appropriate rewards at successfully learning them, age is just a number!

2. Allowing your dog on your furniture teaches them that they’re free to do whatever they please

Not true! Much like humans, dogs too want to snuggle up in a nice, comfortable and soft place. The reason dogs love to snuggle on sofas is because they know you’re going to be there! They don’t want to miss any opportunity of being around you!

3. If you want to stop your dog from going potty in the house by accident, rub their noses in the mess

Not true. In fact, this will only teach them that humans are aggressive and dangerous. Because she’ll be afraid of you and because she can’t hold it in any longer, she’ll sneak into other rooms in your house to go potty, a situation that will make house training very challenging.

4. A dog who responds to treats will only respond to treats

Not true at all. Like humans, even dogs need to be motivated for them to perform acceptable behavior. Apart from treats, dogs will respond also if you offer them unlimited pets, toys, and extra time to play!

5. Dogs are happy only when they’re not leashed

Not true. Dogs need to be kept safe so they hurt themselves and others. While most of them enjoy running around without a leash in a fenced area, others are happy on a leash too. When going out in public, always keep your dogs leashed so they don’t harm themselves.

Are there any other dog myths that have been debunked? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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