5 Reasons Why You Should Foster A Dog!

5 Reasons Why You Should Foster A Dog!

Would you really like to help out pups in shelters who are in need of homes, but at the same time, are you not prepared for a lifelong commitment to one fur ball?

Why not consider becoming a foster home for pups in need? You’ll provide fur balls with temporary homes and help animal shelters in the process. Sounds good, right? But in case you need more convincing, here are five great reasons to foster a pup.

1. Providing a safe, comfortable environment

Shelters can be stressful for a pup, especially with the sights, sounds, and smells that can be found there. With a little space to rest and recover, a fur ball is more likely to be adopted due to being calmer and less stressed out.

2. Helping another pup

Foster a fur ball means there’s one more empty kennel in a shelter that can be filled.

3. Learning about the pup

When you foster a fur ball, you’ll find out more about his personality and habits. This is much-needed information for a shelter or for those who may want to adopt the pup in your care.

4. Aiding a pup’s recovery

You’ll be able to participate in the rehabilitation of a traumatized pup or a fur ball with specific health needs, and that in itself can be very rewarding. It also helps the pup receive the care he requires and deserves without that being divided with other pups in a shelter.

5. Veterinary care is free

If the pup you foster requires medical care, the shelter that he’s with is responsible for making it happen, so you won’t have to empty out your bank account (unless you want to help!). Some shelters even provide food and supplies when you foster a pup.

If these great reasons aren’t enough to convince you, then I’ll have you know that fostering a fur ball can give you great benefits, too! What are they? Stay tuned to find out, and in the meantime, please like and share!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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