5 Reasons Why Your Dog Licks Their Paws

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Licks Their Paws

If you’ve caught your dog licking their paws several times, you may be wondering why they do that. Sometimes, it is hard to pinpoint the reason, and other times it is obvious when you examine their paws.

Some of the reasons why your pup may lick their paws include:

Dirty paws

Dogs may not be obsessed with cleanliness like cats, but they may spend some time grooming themselves. If you’ve returned from a walk with your dog and see them licking their paws, they are likely trying to get rid of dirt and irritants.


Your dog may be excessively licking their paws as an allergic reaction. Their brain may tell them to scratch the itch to relieve it. This could be caused by different allergies, including food, flea, and environmental allergies.

Foreign object

If a foreign object is stuck between your dog’s feet, they may lick it to remove it. Usually, this licking is restricted to one foot but could be more if your dog is unlucky to have a foreign object on more than one foot.


Dogs can get anxiety and may engage in repetitive, soothing behaviors, such as licking their paws to help them cope.


If you notice your dog licking their paws when you reduce the attention you give them, it is likely because they are bored and need something to keep them engaged.

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