5 Reasons Your Dog Suddenly Became Aggressive

5 Reasons Your Dog Suddenly Became Aggressive

Aggression in dogs is not a behavior that should be taken lightly. If your dog suddenly becomes aggressive towards you, someone in your home, or another pet, you should be bothered.

First, you need to differentiate between aggressiveness and mouthing or biting. Common signs of aggression in dogs include growling, intense stare, deep bark, biting, etc. While most dogs will show warning signs before they bite, some don’t. Your dog’s aggression could be a pointer to something more. The following are common reasons behind sudden aggression in dogs:


Your dog may become aggressive when guarding something they treasure.


Just as we have our limits, dogs have theirs too. If you push your dog to their limit, they may turn aggressive.


Pain can be very stressful for many dogs, especially when it involves an acute injury. A dog may become aggressive towards anyone who touches the painful area.

Environmental Changes

Major shifts at home can be stressful for dogs and cause them to act out.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions can trigger sudden canine aggression.

You should always take sudden aggressive behavior in your dog seriously. The first step you should take is to try and find the root of the problem. We suggest speaking with your veterinarian immediately as they are in the best position to rule out an underlying cause.

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