5 Ways Dogs Have Taught Us To Take The Perfect Selfie!

5 Ways Dogs Have Taught Us To Take The Perfect Selfie!

It’s almost impossible now to find a person with a phone or camera who hasn’t taken or been part of a selfie!

It’s such a widespread phenomenon that even fur balls are getting involved, and they might actually be better at taking selfies than you. Here are five tips they’d like to teach you to up your selfie game!

1. Find your best angles

Don’t be afraid to attempt some poses that feel a bit odd – it might make for a million dollar picture! Yes, even if it means hanging upside down from your bed or lifting your arm so high it nearly touches the ceiling. With that being said…

2. Never take selfies from down low!

I know I said to try tons of poses, but taking pictures from below is the least flattering angle for everyone. It’s a universal thing, trust me – it give you so many extra chins! Still can’t find the right angle? Well then…

3. Crop your photo in a unique way!

Don’t include your whole face in the selfie. Experiment with different crops and try to highlight your best features! This an awesome trick that makes selfies really stand out.

4. Want to be cute? Tilt your head to the side!

Widen your eyes, look as innocent as possible by putting on your best impression of puppy dog eyes, and cock your head to one side. Aww! But maybe you feel that bigger eyes would make you cuter? No need to bust out the large contact lenses! Instead, just…

5. Use a filter!

Lots of filters are available that add colour, texture, and awesome effects to your photos, and they usually make your eyes pop and your whole selfie look way better. If you’ve been wondering why your friends have better picture than you, this is why. It’s all filters. It’s all a lie.

Thanks to these pups, you now know how to take world class selfies that will get you tons of compliments! Do like and share these tips so others can learn, too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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