5 More Ways You Could Be Accidentally Shortening Your Pup's Life

5 More Ways You Could Be Accidentally Shortening Your Pup's Life

Fur balls don’t typically live as long as their Mommies and Daddies do, and that fact can be difficult to process for many loving pup parents.

But there are things that your pup may need that you could be accidentally ignoring, shortening his or her life span. Here are five of them.

1. Exercise.

You might be exhausted after a long day of work, but your fur ball has been cooped up all day. Pups actually do need daily exercise for both their mental and physical health. If not, they may become overweight, leading to health trouble, or they may become stressed out and bored.

2. Dental hygiene.

Believe it or not, fur balls actually need to have their teeth brushed just as much as humans do to remove plaque; that’s right, every single day! Without dental hygiene, bacteria can grow in tartar and become regularly swallowed by pups, leading to all sorts of organ and system trouble.

3. Parasite prevention.

Heartworms are incredible dangerous to fur balls, and an infection can be fatal even if it is diagnosed. Making use of preventative care can save a pup’s life and add years to it. While you’re at it, get preventative aid for other pests and parasites, too!

4. Regular veterinary check-ups.

Annual or bi-annual visits to the vet are essential to ensure that everything is going well for your pup. Even if you don’t see any problems, a medical professional might spot one that the untrained eye can’t see. Early detection for illnesses can save a pup’s life!

5. Microchips.

This is a completely safe form of ID that is embedded into a pup’s skin. This will help in case your fur ball ever gets lost and loses his ID tag, you will be notified when someone has found him and scanned the chip. In shelters as well, a pup with a microchip is less likely to be euthanized. So get that ID in!

By making sure that you pay attention to these areas, you could be extended your pups life by many years. Check out our other list here about other things you may be doing that are shortening your fur ball’s life. Like and share away, too!

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