5 Ways To Get Your Dog To Calm Down

5 Ways To Get Your Dog To Calm Down

If your dog is hyperactive or travel-averse, knowing how to calm him/her down will make life easier for both of you. It’ll prevent accidents, harm, high blood pressure, or negative behaviors due to fear, anxiety, or stress.

Hyperactivity is observed both in young and adult canines, and some breeds are more susceptible than others. When canines are uncalm, they tend to harm or get into dog fights. So, here’s how to prevent these:

Have a safe spot

Whenever anxious, fearful, stressed, or overwhelmed with excitement, dogs need a dark and serene spot to retreat and refocus. Be consistent with its location, whether it be his/her kennel or a designated area.

Teach him/her to refocus and calm down

When your dog starts to become agitated, give them something to do. You can simply tell them to sit, relax, or keep it down. Be consistent with what verbal cue to use whenever you sense hyperactive energy building. You can later add other verbal cues to keep them focused on the task you’ve given them. Reward your dog’s success with treats.

Ensure you provide ample socialization

When your dog is used to being with people or other animals, he/she is likely to be overexcited when among them. Ideally, socialization should start early. When they behave, reward them aptly.

Give calming supplements

Consult your vet on which best natural supplement to help soothe your dog.

Consider medications

Talk to your vet about this last option.

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