5 Ways To Make Your Dogs Love Their Grooming Sessions!

5 Ways To Make Your Dogs Love Their Grooming Sessions!

Dogs can stink. As dog parents, we’re not ashamed to admit that sometimes we just want to splash tons and tons of water on our loving, but totally stinky dogs! This is where grooming comes into play, but the moment the comb, soap, and scissors come in sight, dogs disappear! Here are 5 simple ways to make your dogs love their grooming sessions!

1. Prepare your dog beforehand

Most dogs don’t like getting a haircut or taking a bath so it’s important that you prepare them beforehand to ensure that the grooming process is as smooth as humanly possible! Prepare your dogs by either keeping them calm and relaxed, but if your dogs are too anxious, let them exhaust themselves so they’ll be too tired to fight back a warm bath!

2. Relaxing massage

Your dogs love you, no doubt, but when they see clippers in your hands, they’d rather run away from you. Before you start shaving your dog, give them a nice massage or a reassuring belly rub to relieve their tension and make them feel relaxed.

3. Be efficient

As dog parents, we want to make sure we’ve groomed every inch of our beloved dog, but that would leave you with an unhappy pooch because your dog wants the grooming session to be over as fast as possible! So make sure you have a plan in place – spend as little time as possible to groom your dogs and more time helping them forget the dreaded grooming session!

4. Provide plenty of positive reinforcement!

During grooming sessions, don’t be mum! Your dogs need to hear that they’re good boys or good girls! Positive reinforcement will help ease your dog while you’re getting some grooming work done.

5. Provide them treats!

Do I even need to mention this? Most dog parents have a handful of treats ready so they can shower their dogs with tasty treats to let them know how much their patience is appreciated! Treats and toys are a great way to turn dreaded grooming sessions into happy grooming sessions.

How frequently do you groom your dogs? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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