5 Ways To Stop Your Dogs From Chewing Inappropriate Things

5 Ways To Stop Your Dogs From Chewing Inappropriate Things

Dog parents can all agree that chewing comes naturally to dogs. Whether it’s a pair of socks, a book, the carpet, the blinds, you name it, it’s chewed on. But chewing needs to be discouraged because this habit doesn’t just fade away as your dog ages, it becomes worse.

While most of the time we’d be lucky that our dogs are chewing on non-poisonous things, what about that one day when he decides to chew on something that can harm his health? What happens then? This is why it’s important that our dogs understand that chewing is unacceptable. Here are some ways to stop the behavior:

1. Dog-proof your home

If you don’t want your dog chewing on certain things, make sure they’re not in his way or where he can reach them easily when you’re not watching. Also, when you’re not supervising, consider placing your dog inside crates so they’re safe.

2. Give your dog appropriate chew toys

When they have their own chew toys, your dogs will not go looking for more provided that you rotate his chew toys so he doesn’t lose interest in them.

3. Give him enough playtime

Playtime will help him burn excess energy that’s building up inside him. Dogs who chew are usually bored and need some excitement so help them by giving them enough mental and physical exercise.

4. Don’t punish them for chewing

If you yell at your dogs for chewing they may get scared, but that won’t stop them from chewing. It will, however, encourage them to chew in hiding which will make it difficult for you to train them to stop. If you catch them chewing something inappropriate, gently ask them to “drop it” and give them something appropriate to chew on.

5. Teach your dogs the “drop it” command!

If you think that your dog has accidentally swallowed something dangerous, take them to the vet immediately.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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