6 Details Your Dog Thinks Should Have Been Kept A Secret! (Part 1)

If dogs could talk they’d be really mad if you spilled out all the weird little details about them that should have been a secret between you two!

It’s not a dog parent’s fault if they share each and every detail about their dogs. You know why? We get carried away! We’re happy and completely in love with our dogs that we forget that some things are better kept a secret! You want the entire world to know everything there is to know about your dog, but your dog disagrees! Here are some details that should be kept a secret!

1. My dog farts and I burp in reply! It’s a competition we have on a regular basis! So let me tell you how it starts… Your dog doesn’t want the world to know the weird kind of fun you have together!


2. Gosh, yesterday I had to use an extra-large garbage disposal bag to pick up my dog’s poop! He pooped a ton! Your dog wants you to not talk about poop at the dinner table. Come on, human. Shush!


3. Oh, yesterday I felt like I was digging for gold… in my dog’s ear! You see, he couldn’t reach it so I offered to help. Your dog wants you to not spill the beans! Come on, man. Really?


How many of you have done this?! Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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