6 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Is Shaking And Shivering

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Is Shaking And Shivering

If your dog suddenly starts shaking and shivering, you might be concerned that something is wrong with them, especially if the weather isn’t cold. There are several reasons dogs shake and shiver.

Here are the most common:


If your pup is shivering, and the weather is below 50 degrees, it is likely they are cold.


When dogs cannot contain their excitement, they may tremble and wiggle. Usually, this may happen when your dog is happy to see you after some time away or if they are engaged in a fun activity.


Stressful events can cause dogs to whine and shake. For instance, dogs that don’t like visiting the vet may start shivering whenever they think you’re taking them there.

Joint and Muscle Weakness

A dog experiencing weakness in their joints or muscle may shake when performing any physical activity.

Neurological Disorder

Shaking is one of the symptoms dogs may exhibit when suffering from canine epilepsy.


Your pup may shake and shiver if they have a painful injury or illness. A dog in pain may also refuse to eat, be lethargic, and cry loud when touched.

Knowing your dog’s normal behavior can help you determine whether shaking and shivering are abnormal and require medical attention. Talking to your vet whenever you are concerned about your dog’s behavior is always a good idea.

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