6 Things Only Dachshund Lovers Understand

6 Things Only Dachshund Lovers Understand

Dachshunds (or “wiener dogs” as many know them) are popular dogs and obviously adorable, but there are a few things you just won’t understand about them unless you have been owned by a doxie.

6. Dachshunds are small but mighty.

dachshundDon’t let their height fool you – dachshunds are some of the fiercest dogs out there. They have no idea they are only half a dog tall. A doxie won’t think twice about taking on the mailman or a much bigger dog if necessary. No challenge is too big to them – after all, they were bred to hunt badgers in small burrows so what do you expect? These low riding dogs are brave, tough, and dedicated. If you are lucky enough to be loved by a dachshund, you already know they will protect the ones they love with everything they’ve got.

5. You spend a lot of time resetting their ears to “factory setting.”


Dachshund ears seem to constantly be getting flipped backwards so as a dachshund guardian, it becomes a full-time job returning their ears to factory setting. The good news is the job comes with perks like doxie kisses, snuggles, and the privilege of getting to look at an adorable dachshund all the time. Plus, is there really anything you would rather be doing anyway? Of course not.

4. Dachshunds are faster than they look.

dachshundDachshunds are a whole lot faster than they look. You would think that having such short, stubby legs and long backs would slow them down, but apparently, nobody told them that! When they want to, they can really move and they’re pretty agile too. These amazing short dogs show us time and time again that you should never judge a book based on its cover.

3. Dachshunds have huge personalities.

dachshundIf you have ever met a dachshund, odds are you remember them well! What these amazing dogs lack in height they more than make up for in personality. It’s not unusual for people to report that their dachshunds are more like kids than dogs. Doxies have a way of winning their people over with their charm and before you know it, they are running the show. Whether they are using their paws as little hands, seemingly repeating what you say, or just spending hours staring into your eyes, it’s easy to fall in love with a dachshund.

2. They are in charge.

dachshundsIt doesn’t matter how you plan for things to go. If it involves your doxie, you should embrace the fact that they are really the ones in charge. On top of being full of spunk, doxies really like to do things their own way. Some call them stubborn, but before long, you won’t really mind. You’ll accept the fact that you’re not really in charge anymore. You are here to pamper them and make their lives better and that’s just the way it’s going to be. Enjoy it!

1. Life with a doxie is so much fuller than you could ever imagine.

dachshundRemember what life was like before you had a dachshund to share it with? Me neither. Any dog is a commitment and lots of work, but doxies also have this unbelievable way of making life so much more fun! They make it easy to forget about the “work” part. Their big personalities come shining through and are sure to make you laugh every day! Whether you are snuggling, playing, or going for a walk, it’s pretty much impossible to keep from smiling at what these little dogs can do. We’re just along for the ride to make them happy and wouldn’t have it any other way!

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