6 Ways To Turn Your Dog Into An Instagram Celebrity! (Part 1)

6 Ways To Turn Your Dog Into An Instagram Celebrity! (Part 1)

Don’t you wish that your dogs will take on your dreams and become Insta-famous? I know, we all have such hopes, I mean, come on, being famous, who doesn’t want that? If our dogs can become famous, we’d be the happiest dog parent in the world, right?!

If you want to make your dog Insta-famous, fret not. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before uploading a million pictures of your dog on Instagram! The tips are so simple, you’d be like, “Wait, what? Why didn’t I think of this?” I know I just questioned myself, so yeah, here goes!

1. Sunlight

If you’re looking for natural and even lighting, the sunlight should work in your favor! According to Suzanne Donaldson, founder of Mrs. Sizzle, keep a favorite treat in one hand, a squeaky toy in another and make sure the sun is behind you!

2. Embrace The Ground

If you want to get breathtakingly real pictures, get low on the ground and click pictures of your dog! Trust me, the results are worth it!

When you take pictures from above, you sort of lose the real beauty of your dog, but embrace the ground and snap pictures, you’ll see a significant difference in the quality of your dog pics!

3. Accessorize!

Dogs and accessories make magical Instagram photos! You don’t have to buy expensive jackets and leather coats, a simple bandana would help spice things up too!

Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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