634 Days of Dog Food Provided to Shelter Dogs in October!

634 Days of Dog Food Provided to Shelter Dogs in October!

RescueBank adogslove.comWe had a wonderful first month at our shop! Thanks to your support, we were able to provide 634 days of dog food to shelter dogs in need in October. Each day of dog food includes two meals (to keep the fur babies well-fed and prevent bloat), which is the norm at most rescue groups our partner, Rescue Bank works with. Every single day’s worth of food makes a difference for these shelter dogs so we were thrilled to see we could help make such a difference in our very first month!

Thank You

This wouldn’t be possible without your support so first and foremost, we want to thank everyone who made a purchase at the A Dog’s Love shop or helped spread the word about our mission. As you know, every single purchase helps provide dogfood for shelter dogs. Your passion, support, and dedication to the cause drives us to work even harder on the behalf of shelter dogs everywhere. It’s truly refreshing to meet so many people who share our passion! You give us hope that one day, every dog will have the loving home and belly full of food they deserve.


We also want to give thanks to Rescue Bank who is now putting the donation to good use and getting dogfood to dogs who really need it. We know there are already a whole lot of tails wagging extra hard today!

Rescue Bank has also shared a story with us about one very special dog whose life has been changed thanks to these donations. His story just broke our hearts, but we have to share it with you.

His name is Bandero.


Bandero was abandoned by his humans for reasons we will never understand. He was just left to just wander around as a stray for what must have been several months. When he was finally caught, the examining veterinarians didn’t think he would live much longer. He was in really poor shape.

The Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue stepped in and pulled him from the shelter “so he wouldn’t die alone and cold,” his foster mom recounts. She says, “We resolved to heal him but the vet warned the chances were slim. He had severe mange and was starved to the point of death.” His foster mom tried not to get her hopes up, but she was really pulling for him. She fed him soft food (courtesy of Rescue Bank) several times a day and treated his mange under the care of a vet. When he was finally able to eat on his own, “he was fed small meals 4 times a day” his foster mom says. Finally, after some consistent meals, basic vet care, and love, Bandero became stronger and stronger.


Finally, after making a complete turn around, Bandero has a home of his very own with people who love him.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to save a dog too. When everyone pitches in a little bit here and there, we see it all adding up to make a huge difference for a dog in need. Bandero is just one example of all the dogs waiting for help across the country.

We are so lucky to be able to be a part of helping dogs like him!

If you are interested in learning more about our partnership with Rescue Bank, how dog food is distributed, and where it goes, read more here.

If you would like to join our cause and help feed more dogs, visit our shop and spread the word! Every single purchase makes a difference!

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