7 Things Your Dogs Absolutely Love Doing!

7 Things Your Dogs Absolutely Love Doing!

It’s not hard to make a dog happy, but why not go above and beyond? Here are 7 things that dogs absolutely love doing!

Exploring New Areas

Yes, routine daily walks are fine, but what dogs really love is going to brand new, unseen locations and sniffing around. Make an effort to take your dog somewhere new every now and then!

Taking A Class

Dogs are great at learning new things, and they can get very excited when they’re being taught something new – especially if the rewards are particularly enticing!

Completing Puzzles

Puzzles can help sharpen a dog’s mind, keeping them engaged, occupied, and satisfied. It reduces behavioral problems and allows them to burn off some energy, too.

Sitting On Feet

Dogs just love to lie down on your feet, and that’s because they’re sending a message to all other animals in the area that you “belong” to them. Plus, they get to be close to your warmth and scent!

Making Their Bed

Dogs like to circle around in their bed, making sure everything is just right, before they settle down for a nap. This is reminiscent of their time in the wild, when they would pat the grass down to make a “nest” to sleep in!

Meeting Other Dogs

Not all dogs enjoy social interaction, but most like to meet new dogs every now and then!

Listening To Music

Dogs often enjoy listening to music. Experiment with different genres and tunes to see what your dog responds well to!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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