7 Types Of People You're Bound To Come Across At The Dog Park!

7 Types Of People You're Bound To Come Across At The Dog Park!

It doesn’t matter what time of the day you visit the dog park or the time of the year, you’ll surely come across different kinds of dog parents chilling with their pups. Here are seven types of people you’ll come across at the dog park!

1. The helicopter parent who just wouldn’t let her dog off the leash, no matter what! Now only does she keep a close eye on her dog, she keeps a close eye on your dog too!

2. The smartphone parent who gives her dog all the freedom they need to enjoy themselves at the dog park while she buries herself in her smartphone until it’s time to go home!

3. The ‘multiple dogs’ parent who drives by with four or five or more dogs and just lets them have the time of their lives at the dog park. This parent likes to show the world how capable they are of having more than one dog!

4. The totally-prepared parent who comes with her own toys, water bowl, extra poop bags and treats for her beloved dog. This parent has the entire house packed into a small bag so her dog is never really away from home!

5. The dog walker who’s doing what he’s paid to do and is doing is so well you’re almost jealous and want to ask for his number so he could walk your dogs too! He’s fun and playful and the dogs he’s walking love him to bits.

6. The dog expert parent who’s a walking encyclopedia when it comes to dogs. She knows everything about her dog, and your dog, and every dog in the park. She loves giving training tips irrespective of whether you’re interested or not!

7. The ‘excuse us’ parent who’s constantly making excuses about his dog’s behavior. According to him, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his dog and ignores the dog’s terrible manners. So when the dog’s humping on someone, “excuse us!”

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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