8 Breeds Who Must Earn Your Trust Before They’re Unleashed (Part 2)

Some dogs, especially those, who’re bred to hunt often get sidetracked when playing around and when you call them back, they’ll be stubborn enough to not come. This can be dangerous for your dog and for strangers who come across your dog.

As dog parents, we love to let them free, but as responsible dog parents, we need to earn their trust first. Here are some breeds who must earn your trust before they’re unleashed. Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it.

1. Coonhound

Although there are many kinds of coonhounds, all of them have one trait – hunting. It isn’t impossible to train coonhounds, but it is a quite challenging process. So except when they go hunting, coonhounds should never be left off-leash, and if you do, make sure you, or anyone who’s taking care of the dog, are keeping a close eye on them.

2. Greyhound

These dogs are the dog version of Fast & Furious or Need for Speed… yes, they’re built for speed. Greyhounds can run 40-45 miles an hour so if you leave them unleashed… well, good luck catching them!

3. Basenji

These dogs believe in themselves so much that sometimes they may decide not to listen to you! So if you leave them off-leash, and if they catch an interesting scent, they may or may not come when called. Also, no fence can contain these dogs if they decide to chase.

4. Shar Pei

These dogs, also, will or will not listen to you, or will listen to you just partially. For example, they may come when called, but won’t sit when asked to. These dogs are extremely stubborn but will behave when they know you’re the boss. These dogs should not be let off-leash because of their stubborn nature, they may decide to come or not come at all.

How have you earned your dog’s trust? Let us know in the comments below!

With the COVID-19 pandemic we face today, A Dog’s Love urges you to stay home, and stay safe.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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