8 Embarrassing Dog Poop Stories To Make You Laugh!

Oh dogs. I tell you, when it’s time to go potty, you’ll take them out and all you’ll see is rabbit poop. You think they’re done, but wait, there’s a surprise.

My dog, James Bones, loves to do this to me, and for whatever reason, he’s pretty amused, most of the time. So here’s what’s happens: I take him out for potty breaks and he won’t poop much, in fact, sometimes I feel its a waste of poop bag, but okay I let it pass. As soon as I think he’s done, we go out… and then he poops. One time I was at a grocery store and he pooped right in front of the cashier! I was horrified but he was proud. Oh so proud! But thankfully, it was a store, so yay for poop bags! Here are some more embarrassing dog poop stories to make you laugh!

1. Tami Ohl

“We took our dog trick-or-treating one year. She had ample opportunity to go to the bathroom in the many grassy areas on our walk, but chose to take a giant dump in someone’s driveway instead! It was too big for my doggie poop bags, so I had to ask the homeowners for a plastic grocery bag to get the rest. It was very embarrassing, but we will always remember the Halloween that Autumn gave a trick instead of a treat!”

2. Christina Merten

“I almost missed a first date because my little senior rescued Papillon, Jay, had an IBD ‘blow out’ just as I was about to leave for the date. Luckily, that date, who is now my husband, was just as patient and not easily grossed out then as he is now! We still laugh that my excuse for being late for our first date involved the words ‘explosive diarrhea!'”

3. Amy L. Dawson

“This is my girl Cheyanne. I took her to NYC to visit my mom and aunt. While we were there, my little princess doesn’t like to poop where there isn’t any grass or it’s not her yard. Never taken her on a trip, I didn’t realize she was so picky about her bathroom choices. She refused to poop. She finally had a major case of diarrhea on the sidewalk in Tribeca. Needless to say, I had to call my mom on the 39th floor to bring me a bucket of water and paper towels so I could clean the sidewalk in NYC. And I’m not sure who was more embarrassed: me, my mom or Cheyanne. But that was the cleanest sidewalk in NYC that day.”

4. Amy Beth Ladd

“Our 12-year-old Chihuahua, Snoopy, went to the vet for his annual checkup. The vet turned around to get the test tube and said, ‘I’m going to need a fecal sample.’ As soon as he said that, Snoopy squatted and pooped right on the table. The vet said, ‘Smart boy. He must remember how this is done.'”

Do you have embarrassing dog poop stories to share? Please tell us in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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