8 Signs Your Dog Wants To Test Your Patience! (Part 1)

You remember that time when you brought your dog home and thought how your family is complete now? Yes, such beautiful memories, right? Then things get real.

Dogs are smart souls and they like to test our patience to the maximum. They do it and I think they get some sort of satisfaction when they’re testing our patience. In the end, they’re our first, and possibly, last love, so isn’t everything fair in love? Here are some ways your dog tests your patience!

1. Toys

You buy a million toys for them, some are pretty expensive, but your dog won’t even look at them because he’s too busy chewing on your internet cable wire. That’s right, people. No matter how many toys they have, they’ll find something else, which isn’t a toy, more interesting.

2. Bathroom breaks

You know it’s cold outside. Your dog knows it’s cold outside. But they have to go. So you muster the courage to take them out in freezing cold and they take a good 45 minutes to find the perfect spot to pee on. They have fur. We don’t. But they don’t care because, for some reason, they MUST find a perfect spot first.

3. Work

After you spend a good 30 minutes playing with your dog, you decide that it’s time to get some work done on the laptop. The moment you open the laptop, your dog comes and lays right on top of it. Apparently, they have chosen the laptop as the perfect spot to sleep on. Coincidence? Of course not.

4. Personal things

Certain things are bad for your dog so as a responsible dog parent, you keep them out of reach, but your dog is a ninja and you should know better. Instead of locking things in the house, you should rent a separate garage, miles away from home, and store things you don’t want your dog to eat. Because let me tell you, and it won’t come as a surprise, but dogs can chew. And they have a pretty good nose. Your things are not safe in the house. Especially if they’re edible.

How many of you relate to this?! Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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