8 Things That Won't Stop Reminding Us Of Our Dogs! (Part 1)

As dog parents, we know this situation all too well. There were times when I had to be away from my dog because of work, and I know how painful those times were. It’s like part of me was back home, wanting to reunite.

Imagine that you have to leave for a couple of months. No, your dog isn’t going with you. Can you imagine this? Like I said before, dog parents all over the world dread to be separated from their dogs; it’s a nightmare. If it was possible, even if there was a slight possibility, we’d have our dogs accompany us everywhere. EVERYWHERE. No matter what the temporary separation situation is like, here are some things that remind us of our dogs!

1. You’re thousands of miles away from your dog and your friend comes over wearing this t-shirt.

2. When you’re walking down the street all by yourself, without your dog, and you spot a dog playing with his shadow… sigh.


3. When you see someone wearing a hoodie with faux fur that looks exactly like your dog’s coat. You want to pet it. You probably do, leaving the other person creeped out.


4. You see toddlers on the street wearing similar shirts that your dog wears back home… Ah.


I don’t even know what to say to you right now… if there’s a way to video call your dog, do it now. It’s the only thing you need. Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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