8 Ways Dogs Are Making The Planet A Better Place To Live (Part 2)

Dogs benefit the planet by offering services no other creature can, not even humans. They help us in so many ways, and like I mentioned so many times before, sometimes I feel humans don’t deserve dogs.

They’re so perfect, so pure, so loyal… and now they’re saving the world too. Here are some dogs who’re making this world a better place. Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it.

1. China

Meet Jin Kai, a labrador who’s an expert at sniffing out illegal wildlife trade that includes ivory, pangolin scales, and other contraband products. Oh, you thought you could sneak in a bottle of lotion? Hilarious!

2. The Wild

Working Dogs for Conservation adopts high-energy dogs and trains them to protect wildlife and everything in between! The kinds of things their dogs can sniff out are beyond our imagination. They can sniff out invasive plants to an endangered lizard. For example, one of their dogs, a Border Collie named Barley, can sniff out zebra mussels! One of their other dogs, a Weimaraner called Diesel, can sniff out invasive weed thesium. Mind. Blown. Oh, and these dogs all have their forever loving homes after being adopted!

3. South Africa

Meet Jack, a Belgian Malinois, who’s always on the hunt to track and expose poachers who kill rhinos. Jack is also an expert at detecting rhino horns and ammunition. Oh, talk about talent.

4. Australia

Meet Eco, an English Springer Spaniel who’s aim is to track and protect penguins! Eco, who was once a predator, has now turned a helper to protect an endangered species of little penguins in Sydney!

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With the COVID-19 pandemic we face today, A Dog’s Love urges you to stay home, and stay safe.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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