9 Reasons Why Your Dogs Like To Dig Up Your Lawn

9 Reasons Why Your Dogs Like To Dig Up Your Lawn

Does your dog keep digging up your lawn? Here’s why they may be doing it.

1. It’s Comfortable

You probably watch your dog burrow into their blanket or bed before a nap, and digging a hole in the ground has a similar effect – it gives them a cozy den!

2. Hoarding

Dogs carry many instincts from their ancestors. One of these instincts is hoarding – they naturally want to bury things precious to them to keep them safe.

3. Eating

Dogs are omnivorous, and yours may have taken a liking to plants in the ground!

4. Ancestry

The ancestors of dogs, and their current wild relatives, dig instinctually. They do so to build dens and protect themselves and their offspring, and these instincts remain even in domesticated dogs who don’t need them!

5. Fun

The act of digging can just feel super fun to a dog! A bored dog who doesn’t get enough exercise or doesn’t have enough toys to play with may turn to digging.

6. Prey Instincts

Hunting breeds may automatically want to dig in order to hunt animals that live in the ground.

7. Temperature Regulation

Whether it’s too warm or too cold, digging can help a dog to regulate their overall body temperature. Dog beds and crates can prevent this need.

8. Separation Anxiety

A dog with this kind of anxiety may dig as a response to craving stimulation, or they may desperately want to find a way out of the yard to find you.

9. Escape

A dog who wants to escape may understand the basics of overcoming the obstacle of a fence and try to dig under it.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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