9-Week-Old Puppy Wasn't Allowed To PetSmart Party Because She's A Pit Bull

9-Week-Old Puppy Wasn't Allowed To PetSmart Party Because She's A Pit Bull

As many of you reading this know, there is a large stigma around the Pitbull dog breed. They are often associated with aggression, unpredictability, and being vicious in general, but none of it is true and we disagree.

Dog parents everywhere say that if ANY dog breed is trained and treated well, they will not retaliate or lash out. It’s unfair to highlight one breed because they were mostly used and abused by the wrong people – it could happen to any breed and aggression is NOT specific to the pit bull breed. That being said, many agree that it is not fair to exclude puppies from activities based on their breed. One Pitbull mom, Ashley Yanez, recently found herself in this exact situation.

Her 9-week old Pitbull pup, Blu, was invited to a puppy party at her local Petsmart. Unfortunately, this company told her that Blu was not allowed to attend because of her breed. This left her heartbroken and offended, after all, she is just a pup! When she posted the incident to social media, the company responded, telling her she may attend.

However, Ashley was not happy and said she would not support a place that discriminates against dog breeds. She received a lot of support on social media and people posted photos of their well-behaved Pitbull dogs. Fear around certain breeds of dogs will always prevail, as it is human nature to be afraid of getting hurt.

In saying that, Ashley and Blu’s story reminds us that it may not always be fair, especially when the dog is only a mere pup.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Ashley Yanez

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