A Beer Can Helped Woman Reunite With Her Dog She Lost 3 Years Ago!

The promotion of shelter dogs has become popular in the world of consumer goods. Many pizza companies have placed pictures of dogs available for adoption from local shelters inside their pizza boxes.

This great initiative has also been seen from various milk companies and even breweries too. The movement is a unique and creative idea indeed, but we cannot help but wonder if they are effective? Has anybody actually adopted a dog because of this, or found a missing one? The story of one Minnesota woman can answer our doubts in a matter of seconds.

The Motorworks Brewing company in Bradenton had come up with the initiative of placing sheltered dogs on their beer cans. They had formed an agreement with the local dog shelter, Manatee County Animal Services, to do so. The campaign was indeed a success and reports came in of an increase in adoption number.

However, there was one unexpected call from a woman named Monica Mathis. Monica was scrolling through pictures of the beer cans when low and behold, she spotted her long-lost dog!

Three years ago, her dog had gone missing when she lived in Iowa, leaving her heartbroken. Yet here she was, right in front of her eyes! The dog, who’s name is Hazel, has played such an important part in Monica’s life and she had to get her back. Monica contacted Manatee County Animal Services and got her beloved baby back.

Monica’s message to everybody has been to never give up on searching for your lost canine companion. You never know what might happen!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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