A Bookshop Is Named After A Dog Who Become Its Manager!

A Bookshop Is Named After A Dog Who Become Its Manager!

Considering all the logistics involved, Stacy Gould, and her family took their time discussing opening a bookstore. Gould knew that since the kids and husband were both at work and school during the day, it would be her who went to the store each day. Ruby would also come with her.

She means a lot to her family and is also the sweetest, friendliest dog, so the thought of opening a bookstore where people could come in and say hello every day appealed to her. Ruby’s Books was thus born. In many ways, it was her store.

As Ruby’s Books’ co-owner, manager, and greeter, she’s dedicated to her work. Ruby and her store have only been open for about a year and a half, and already their physical presence in the community has become vital.

Ruby becomes a mainstay on Sutter Street because of her popularity with the customers. Visitors often come as a result of Ruby’s popularity.

She does not go to the store every day because Ruby’s family thinks it’s important for her to keep a good work-life balance. On weekends, she spends time with family and works from Monday to Friday. However, she enjoys every minute she spends in the store, and she completes many tasks with pride.

At the store, she greets customers at the door, gets belly rubs for endless amounts of time, sniffs out treats hidden in their pockets, mops the floor with her very fluffy tail, and reads to kids in the children’s section (well, she pretends to).

Ruby loves that she now has a way to share all of her joy with her community, and her family loves that they have a safe place to share with her.

Image Credit: Stacy Gould

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