A Family Gets Reunited With Their Missing Dog, Only To Find He Is Not Him

A Family Gets Reunited With Their Missing Dog, Only To Find He Is Not Him

When Jose Eduardo Millani Ramos goes out for a walk in the morning, he is usually accompanied by his dearest Ikki. One time, upon their return, Ikki was nowhere to be found.

Ramos, together with his family, went out on the streets to look for their beloved Ikki. Ramos said it was as if a part of him was taken away and had to find out what happened to the poor pup.

A couple of days went by, and there seemed to be no trail of Ikki. Until they found an online post claiming that their dog had been rescued. They thought they finally found Ikki! But did they?

Filled with joy and excitement, Ramos hurried to get to Ikki, who seemed to be in good shape, and only dirtier than before. When called upon, the dog ran straight to Ramos, throwing himself in the arms of his dad, giving him love, and licking his face. Just as he used to do before.

A few days went by when Ramos noticed the difference in the spots on the back of his dog, realizing that it was not Ikki after all. Even though he was disappointed to learn the truth, he decided to keep the pup and named him Paolo.

Ramos, however, didn’t give up the idea of reuniting with Ikki and continued his search online. A not long time has passed, when he found a different post online with a dog resembling his Ikki, which this time it was Ikki for real. After all despair, everything was back to normal, and Ramos’s family was left even richer and larger than before. They chose to adopt Paolo and give their loving Ikki a new brother to play with.

And the best part of it all is that Ikki accepted Paolo as his new pal and never held any grudge for him taking his place. Ramos and his family, are now happier than ever.

Image Credit: José Eduardo Millani Ramos

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