A Generous Restaurant Owner Serves Stray Dogs A Free Meal

Gerardo Oritz is the owner of the restaurant, Ajilalo in Peru, and on one evening in 2016 a stray dog came to his restaurant, probably led by the smell the dog peered through the window with much hunger in his eyes.

Oritz decided to make a decision that would become routine from that day onward; he decided to prepare a meal for the dog.

There are over 200 million stray dogs worldwide who get overlooked on a daily basis and at times they seem to be invisible members of society. Thankfully, Oritz chose to give one distressed pup a helping hand by cooking meals for her. It soon became a tradition for the two and the dog knew the time and place for her warm meal.

Not long after that, word got around of Ortiz’s kindness and more stray pups began showing up at his window. At times there were regular “customers” and on other occasions complete newcomers that enjoyed Ortiz’s food with much gratitude.

Soon, customers of the restaurant joined in with feeding the dogs and would bring food along with them on their visits. Ortiz has remarked that the dogs are his best customers and he is satisfied by their happiness.

It is recommended by veterinarians that dogs get two meals a day; a lot of stray dogs barely have a meal a day and opt for unsafe options which can be dangerous for their sensitive stomachs, thankfully the warmth of Ortiz’s meal prevents dogs from resorting to hazardous extremes.

Images Source: Ajilalo

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