A Jealous Dog Feigns Injury After Her Brother Gets Hurt!

A Jealous Dog Feigns Injury After Her Brother Gets Hurt!

Mabel used to be a happy dog living with her parents as an only dog. Until they decided to get her a baby brother. All of a sudden, she had to share the love and attention of her parents with Milo, the goldendoodle puppy.

Their mother Carrie Bartsh, says they both get jealous of each other even though she tries to love and give attention to both equally. She says sometimes Mabel also gets jealous of the cat. Like any brothers and sisters, they like to wrestle while growling and biting.

While the puppies were out for a walk last week, Milo was injured. Their mom noticed the dog’s blood on the snow when they were going back to the house. She quickly realized that the blood came from Milo’s paw.

She hurried to get supplies from the veterinarian to tend to his wound. That was when Mabel got jealous of the extra attention her brother was receiving.

When Mabel saw all the medkit intended for Milo’s injured paw, she ran towards Bartsh and waited for her turn to come lying on her side, pretending to be hurt herself! At that point, Carrie knew what she must do to please Mabel!

She took an empty gauze pad wrapper and wrapped it around her leg, blowing kisses on her little head, and speaking soothing words, letting her know that she is taken care of. Mabel seemed to be pleased and balance in her life was restored.

Milo looks to be recovering quickly as Bartsh keeps tending to his wound, changing the bandages each night. But Milo’s treatment cannot go without his sister getting tended by her mom as well. She gets new bandages every night, too!

Image Credit: Carrie Bartsh

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