A Special Pair of Boots Made from a Dog’s Shed Fur!

A Special Pair of Boots Made from a Dog’s Shed Fur!

Soleil Pond is mum to Nimbus, an extremely fluffy dog who sheds an enormous amount of fur.

Pond decided to start preserving the shed fur as she could see the potential in it. It could be used for crafting items and keepsakes, particularly for far-away family members who hadn’t yet met Nimbus.

Ultimately it was her friend Charlotte Lake who came up with the idea of crafting a pair of boots out of the fur. Since Charlotte is good with her hands, the fur was passed on to her.

Within no time, 2 days to be precise, the boots were made, and Pond was thrilled with the outcome. She says:

“I was absolutely delighted to see them — the paw print details really tie in so nicely, she wanted to pay homage to the animal they came from,” “I think the idea of walking in her footsteps is very sweet.”

Pond and Lake live in different cities, hence Pond has yet to see the boots and she wonders how Nimbus will react to them.

However, the boots will come in handy for lining hide boots when Pond goes on winter hikes. Since the fur keeps Nimbus warm, undoubtedly, it will do the same for his mum.

Everyone who has seen pictures of the boots loves them, and Pond is pleased that she has thought of a way to pay homage to a dog she adores.

Images & Feature Image Source: Soleil Pond

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