A Stray Dog Surprises a Man Who Was Kind to Her at His Work Place

A Stray Dog Surprises a Man Who Was Kind to Her at His Work Place

I bet that if you are walking along the beach and come across a pack of wild dogs, the last thing on your mind is to approach them. You will probably keep a safe distance and keep on cautiously glancing at them to ensure none gets the idea to pounce and bite you.

Well, wait till you hear what Mohd Ridhuan did. He was taking a walk on the beach as he usually does when he came across a pack of four dogs. However, instead of seeing violence in their eyes, he saw vulnerability. He saw four hungry dogs. And so, he approached them to offer them some food. I guess they must have sensed his good-willed energy because they welcomed him.

“I tried to approach them, and I took a risk because they might chase me. Surprisingly, they didn’t. Their tails wiggled when they saw me.” Ridhuan says.

But it didn’t stop there. He started going down to the beach to feed the four dogs whenever he was free. And with this, a bond was formed. The dogs couldn’t wait until his next visit. One dog, in particular, grew very fond of him. Her name was Sally. So, when one day, Ridhuan didn’t show up, she tracked him to the convenience store where he works and refused to leave.

That’s where she is now residing. Ridhuan can’t have a dog in his apartment and so he leaves Sally at the store.

“She always makes a sad face every time I go home. She’s clingy, cheerful, and protective.” Ridhuan says.

But, she is an obedient dog. So, when Ridhuan tells her to stay at the convenience store or the restaurant next door when he is gone, she listens.

Ridhuan is hopeful that he can get Sally a nice home and a better life. And to help his bid he has been sharing their moments on his twitter. Not all comments have been positive but that won’t deter Ridhuan.

“The first time I posted about animals, especially dogs, I received a lot of compliments and harsh comments. I don’t care about it — I just look at the good side and continue doing what I’m doing.” the generous human said.

Feature Image & Images Source: Twitter

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