A Woman Finds Her Dad Taking A Nap With Every Dog From The Neighborhood!

A Woman Finds Her Dad Taking A Nap With Every Dog From The Neighborhood!

Every time Catey Hall visits her father, she usually finds him taking a nap on the couch, but never alone. Every dog from the neighborhood comes joining for a cozy nap. She says that when they see his car approaching; they follow him running to the house.

Lon Watson, Catey’s dad, has always been an animal lover and works at the local rescue Pound on the Hill, giving his entire energy to rescuing stray dogs. Catey remembers well her childhood when they used to have dogs to take care of at home all the time.

Their house was never empty, but they always had room for more stray dogs who needed shelter. Today, since Catey is all grown up and married, the house where Lon lives with his wife has room for many more dogs. He works tirelessly in finding new forever homes for the puppies, but those who never do stay with him forever.

Currently, Watson and his wife have four dogs to take care of, but they often receive visits from Hooch, Fluffer-Nutter, and Rosie from around the neighborhood who have a special bond with him.

All dogs from the neighborhood just love to keep waiting all day for Watson to return home, just to steal a few moments of his day. Their actual human parents don’t seem to have a problem with Watson spending most of the time with their dogs, and they would never interrupt their precious naptime.

Watson simply has a special connection with every dog he meets, even Catey’s own dogs love him, and always try to leave with him when he comes for a visit.

Image Credit: Catey Hall

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