Abandoned Dog Survives Harsh Winter In A Little Village

Abandoned Dog Survives Harsh Winter In A Little Village

Diasozo Animal Rescue drove quickly to a village in Greece after getting a call for help. There, they discovered a dog, Maximos, who had been dumped in the little village about two years earlier.

Although the dog had managed to survive despite the harsh winter weather, he was almost giving up on life.

In a video shared on YouTube, the rescue said the dog had refused to let anyone near him, but when they got there, he was docile. He was sitting outside a family’s house. Although he wasn’t aggressive, he refused to budge. The family knew he needed help, so they called the DAR.

One of the rescuers noticed that a tight wire tangled into the dog’s skin was cutting him, so he was in pain and great discomfort. The rescue team moved in and lifted the dog, taking care not to hurt him more. After they succeeded in getting him into their car safely, they drove to the veterinarian’s hospital.

At the hospital, they discovered that Maximos had diarrhea aside from the wire problem. When he was finally stable enough to leave the hospital, DAR took him in at their shelter to help rehabilitate him.

Maximos has a warm place to sleep and gets plenty of love at the shelter.

Although he is still a bit timid, he is doing well. The rescue is looking to find him a perfect forever home soon.

Image Credit: YouTube

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