Abandoned Bulldog With Special Needs Gets A Second Chance!

Abandoned Bulldog With Special Needs Gets A Second Chance!

Schwartz, an English bulldog, is getting a second chance after his family could no longer care for his special needs. When the dog was brought to Best Friends Animal Rescue, he needed lots of medical care and TLC. Among his many ailments, the dog’s front leg was deformed, leaving him unable to walk on it.

In addition to his trouble with his leg, his eyelashes were growing towards his eyes, his face was inflamed, and he desperately needed some good ear cleanings.

Despite the bulldog’s needs, doctors noticed Schwartz was upbeat and playful — and didn’t let anything slow him down. This poor guy definitely had some physical ailments, but nothing stopped him from making friends with other dogs and people everywhere he went!

Soon after the animal rescue posted about Schwartz, a loving bulldog-loving family reached out and adopted him, making their house a home for 3 bulldogs in total. The adorable pup has since gone on to a wonderful new life in his very new forever home with other bulldogs and good humans. What a truly happy ending!

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