Adopted Teen Helps Senior Dogs Find Their Forever Loving Homes!

As parents of pups, I’m sure we can remember the day we brought our little bundles of joy home; gazing at them and thinking about life going forward with them. However, not all pups have the benefit of finding a stable home; a growing problem that has caught 14-year-old Meena Kumar’s attention.

Meena Kumar, an adoptee, has taken it upon herself to see senior dogs through to forever homes. Whilst living in Mumbai, India Meena extended care to the puppies at her home and when she moved to the United States, her care blossomed even further to Humane Societies and Senior Dog Rescues.

It was in these Senior Dog Rescues that Meena empathized with the feeling of abandonment with the senior pups who counted over 1,000 in Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Individuals who took seniors pups under their wing noted simply that; a little tender love and care goes a long way with these pooches who extend unconditional love abundantly.

Presently, Meena takes care of other pups with her pet-sitting service, so that she can raise funds to support the Senior Dog Rescue. In starting this business, Meena has raised an impressive $7,000 with a $35 daily rate. A generous donation by Intel has increased her funds to $14,000 through a matching donation program.

Meena’s work is far from over and she is determined to give a senior pup a home they can cherish for however long they are still alive.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Jayashree Subrahmonia

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