Adorable Beagle Mix Pup Is Totally In Love With This Toy!

Adorable Beagle Mix Pup Is Totally In Love With This Toy!

This adorable beagle mix pup absolutely and completely loves his squeaky toy and not only does he love it so much, he prefers to play fetch only with this special toy. Can you guess why?

Because its squeaks, that’s why! Yes this beagle mix pup absolutely loves his squeaky toy because it squeaks so much! This isn’t the first time we’re going to see how much our fur balls like toys that squeak, in fact most, if not all, fur balls love squeaky toys, but do you know why?

According to Cuteness, “That squeaky toy gets your pampered pooch revved up because it mimics the sound of small prey. In nature, such squeaks will attract dogs and trigger their prey drive. Dogs respond by twitching their ears and using their noses to locate the prey, stalking, and possibly digging up, pouncing on, or chasing the prey.”

Now take a look at this fur ball playing with his squeaky toy on page 2 below!

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Squeaky toy.

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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