Adorable Beagle Pup Tries Hard To Tame The Waters!

Adorable Beagle Pup Tries Hard To Tame The Waters!

Everyone meet Dexter, an adorable beagle pup who went to see the waterfalls, but since the waters were too fast, the adorable fur ball couldn’t hold back his ideas – he so desperately wanted to tame the waters!

This adorable fur ball knows form his mommy and daddy that speed isn’t a good thing! But when he went to see the waterfalls, he couldn’t believe the speed at which the water was flowing and suddenly he knew, it wasn’t healthy! Although he’s right, speed isn’t healthy, but when you’re water, really, it doesn’t really matter!

About safety though, if you visit the waterfalls with your fur balls, please always leash your fur ball so that there are no accidents and if its their first time there, expect them to be a little cranky, surprised or overly excited. Also ask your vet vet what else you need to pack for your fur ball so your moment together is exciting and memorable 🙂 Now take a look at this fur ball on page 2 below, trying hard to tame the water!

Page 2 Here!

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Desparately trying to tame the water!

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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