Adorable Blind Dog Has A Heart-Touching Way To Make Sure His Family Is There With Him

Adorable Blind Dog Has A Heart-Touching Way To Make Sure His Family Is There With Him

Jake was around 4 years old when the pup began to develop glaucoma, which affected mainly his eyes. Today, Jake is 6 and totally blind – but he doesn’t mind, and often, he doesn’t seem to notice!

Being a pup who loves constantly being around his family, Jake always wants to make sure he’s with a loved one. Since he can’t see them, he’s found some new ways to figure out for sure if his family members are still around or not – and they’re pretty adorable!

When hanging out in a room with family, Jake will make his way over to where he thinks one of his family members is sitting or resting, and he will place his head onto their lap – or, sometimes, stick his nose right in their face! He does this so he knows for sure that they haven’t gone off somewhere else without him.

Jake does this fairly often – sometimes, every mere five minutes. But his family doesn’t mind at all! They want him to feel like he is loved, and for him to feel secure and safe, and if reassuring himself that his family is still around him is one way to do so, they’ll do it all he wants.

Jake also has another similar quirky action for the purpose of checking in on his Mom, Dad, and siblings. He often lifts up his paw and waves it around in the air until someone grabs it to show him they’re still present.

Jake isn’t a super anxious pup, but some things – like loud sounds or being unsure as to where exactly his loved ones are – do worry him. Still, he’s a confident and fun-loving pup.

He loves to cuddle, go out for walks, and eat all the treats he’s allowed to, and he certainly doesn’t let his disability get in the way of living his best life!

Images & Feature Image Source: Leo Fernandes

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