Adorable Dachshund Mix Gets The Treatment Of Her Life!

Adorable Dachshund Mix Gets The Treatment Of Her Life!

This adorable dachshund mix was patiently sitting on her parent’s bed when suddenly something started scratching her back…it felt so good! What she does to show her appreciation for the rub is just too adorable!

Everyone meet Princess, an adorable dachshund mix pup who’s having the time of her life getting her back scratched by a personalized and special back scratcher! But have you ever wondered why your fur balls like being scratched, especially on the base of their tails?

According to TheNest, “There is no hidden reason or mystery regarding why dogs like the area at the base of their tails scratched. They do for the same reasons you like having your back scratched: It feels good, and it generally is difficult to reach that area to scratch it. It is very difficult for a dog to reach its own rear, which is the reason they appreciate when we scratch it for them, explains Bonnie Beaver, professor of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University, in “Bark” magazine.”

Now take a look at this fur ball enjoying her back scratch like a boss on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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